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"Artist's task is not to replicate the form, but to capture the forces invisible to the eye. This is the only thing that must be captured. This is the only thing worthy of being portrayed."

Irina Zlobina

Irina Zlobina is Russian-Canadian visual artist, currently based in Toronto

She holds a Master's Degree in Graphic Arts from Moscow State University of Printing Arts (2004), and has exhibited extensively throughout Moscow, London and Cambridge. Her most recent European showing was as part of the "New Acquisitions" exhibition at The State Russian Museum, Saint Petersburg in 2015.

Irina uses senses and intuition to capture unadulterated honesty on canvas, paper and plate. She courageously engages in the intimate process of facing the unknown without holding back, until the picture and its hidden meaning are completely revealed. Irina draws inspiration from the words of Francis Bacon who believes the artist must create images as "a concentration of reality and a shorthand of sensation".

Irina's work is found in permanent collections at The State Russian Museum, The Tomsk Regional Art Museum, The Surikov Art Museum, as well as private collections in Russia, Germany, France, Great Britan, the USA and Canada. Upon relocating to Toronto, Irina was awarded the Toronto Art Council Newcomer Mentorship Grant in 2018. She presently works out of her home studio in Toronto, Canada



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